Word from the Principal

I am the founder and principal of Urembo Creations College. I am renowned for my excellent professional services and have had the privilege to groom an outstanding number of celebrities, magazines fashion shoots, feature films, brides and women in general. I love women!! They are the reason Urembo is what it is today.

I have been lucky to have appeared on some make up talk shows locally, educating women about make-up and have had the privilege to be the head make up artist of some series and movies productions in our country. I’m greatly humbled by the opportunities God brings my way.

I have a deep passion for makeup, and I have decided to share this with many women like myself who have the same interest through the workshops whose aim is to equip people with basic make up skills. These workshops are the perfect description of work and play!

It is during this workshops that I realized there is a big gap due to the in few doorways to beauty industry in Kenya and I opted to bridge the gap. I also noticed the desire in people to know more about make up and this pushed me to start a make up school that offers comprehensive training in the aim of bringing up great professional makeup artists.